Tyendinaga is Done!

Mandy has let me know that she’s finished testing the shawl.  Now I just have to check her suggestions and corrections and get it made up into a PDF file.

Job searching has taken priority over so many other things in life but I hope to be able to get to it all some time this week.

If you’re interested in the shawl pattern, I think I’ll sell it through email here until I get a Ravelry shop set up.  Does $5.00 sound fair for a quickie Word file?  You can reach me at withasigh at netscape dot ca for the details!


Testing Mode

I have a tester! I’m still feeling a bit over-protective of my pattern, but I decided I couldn’t force myself to crochet the shawl for a third time, so have myself a tester now.

Mandy's Test Shawl - one pattern section to go!

Mandy's Test Shawl - one pattern section to go!

I also changed the name of the shawl. It’s now called the Tyendinaga Shawl, after the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory my family is from.  It’s comforting and warm there.

First KnitPicks Order

I ran down to the post office on Thursday morning hoping the yarn from KnitPicks for the Capricious Ruffle shawl would be in, but … so sad … it wasn’t. I resigned myself to having to wait through Easter weekend for it. I don’t do patience well.  I came home, tracked it, and found out it was still in Kitchener, west of Toronto and beyond.  But my husband came home around 4pm and he had the package with him … happy dance!  (Out of curiosity, I tracked it one more time and sure ’nuff, it was supposedly still in Kitchener.)  So here it is:

KnitPicks Shadow

It’s KnitPicks Shadow, Hot Rod, in laceweight merino.  (And that’s the tester shawl underneath it, along with my favourite 3.5mm hook.)

This is my virgin laceweight wool project, so I’ve nothing to compare the yarn to.  It’s not as soft as I’d imagined it would be, and the thickness ranges anywhere from a smidge finer than laceweight up to fingering weight – there’s no consistency to it, and I don’t see much heathering, if any at all.  YET I LOVE IT!  It suits me to a ‘T’, and most importantly, it suits the shawl.  I do hope to, one day, see it made in other fibres.

Cable and Lace Shawl

I’ve caught up on all my WIPs (though I admit to having three ends to weave in before I see my Mom to give her the vest she claimed as her own) and sat for a full 24 hours with nothing to crochet.

I did do some sketching at 3am last night -snoring dog and husband forced me out of bed.  So today I made a start on a new shawl and have the first few rows done and written!  It’ll be a cable and lace shawl, also done in laceweight.  Not for the faint of heart but created for the adventurer!

I’m thinking of submitting this design to a magazine just to say I’ve tried.

Capricious Ruffle Shawl – FINISHED!

Capricious Ruffle ShawlI finished crocheting the shawl earlier tonight! Oh, what a great relief it is. I’m ready to finish typing up the pattern but most of all, I’m ready to start wearing it. Even with the ends still dangling here and there, it’s already my favourite.

The pattern should be available here within a week or two, and on Ravelry shortly after that.

First Design

Now that the blog is coming into focus, my new email address is set up, and the yarn for my first pattern is on it’s way, I’m beginning to feel like a serious, grown-up crochet designer!

I’m really looking forward to finishing this first pattern: a funky, modern, lacy shawl.  If all goes as planned, the prototype will be finished this week. Then it’ll be typing and formatting the pattern, and making it available after testing.

But I can already say the next few patterns are planned & sketched, and a couple of them have been started!

This is really fun stuff!