Ahh, feels so much cooler!

Today we were on our way into the city for some boring ol’ groceries when we saw that the alpaca farm was having an open house for shearing day. I’m so glad we stopped in!

One Alpaca, Two Alpacas

I got a drop spindle with some roving. It’s been a riot playing with it tonight. I’m not very good at it, but it’s fun. I also got to try spinning on a wheel for the very first time ever! Now that was amazing!

Mass confusion as I was plopped into the chair by the most wonderful lady who was demonstrating as she told me, “Sure you can do it! You won’t hurt the yarn!” I hurt the yarn. I broke it … twice. There was a crowd of people standing around watching me (where had they all come from?) … and I panicked for about 5 seconds … but they were all laughing with me and I was falling in love.

In about 30 seconds, I had made yarn!  Real, live yarn.  It was about 4″ long.  I don’t think that’s a record, but this was new and I was so excited.  I’ve watched spinners spin, and have often become mesmerized by it.  It’s like watching fire in reverse.  Or something like that.  But doing it … all those things at once, what a difference.

Spinning wheel, spinnin' round ...

My foot was pouncing and I had the wheel spinning the wrong way.  “Oops!” this very jovial, generous woman said to me over and over as she saved her poor yarn.  She couldn’t possibly have found it all as much fun as I had, but she put on a terrific act!  (No, she was genuine for sure!)  I only wish I’d gotten her card to share her name.  I meant to grab one, but by that time I had the drop spindle in my hands and was eager to get home and play.

I’ve since spindled a few yards of yarn.  At this point I can’t actually say that I have yarn, because I don’t know.  Don’t have a clue if it needs to be plied first’ or is it already yarn?  I just know I’m having fun with it.

Good thing … because it’s going to take a very long time to have enough yarn to crochet with.  But man, I made yarn.  Real, live yarn.


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  1. dorothy in wyoming said,

    July 2, 2009 at 8:04 am

    Grin don’t you love spinning? And yes we actually are having fun introducing you to our addiction.

    Yes what you are winding onto the spindle is yarn. It is also called a single and you can ply it with another single for a 2 ply yarn or with 2 or more singles for other forms of plied yarns. To ply you have to spin the spindle in reverse if that makes sense so be careful as what you are doing as you ply is unspinnng your single while wrapping it around the other single(s)

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