Yard Sales

Is anyone planning on having a yard sale this summer?

We’ve had a lot of fun at the few we’ve held.  They’re few and far between – it takes time to gather all that junque – but they’re always so much fun.

The second yard sale we had was the most fun.  Alison and I planned it together and it was perfect because my driveway separated our small houses.  We lived on the nice part of the street; it was tree-lined, and all the neighbours knew each other and visited often.  We even had the stereotypical mean old bag, Mrs. W., who got along with no one.

Our day started out easily enough.  My ex-husband and brother went fishing the day before, got hammered and didn’t make it home that night.  They were supposed to have gone to the bank to pick up change.  Still weren’t out of bed when I called them at 8am the next morning, by which time people had already been arriving for the past two hours!

But as the afternoon buzz settled down, so did we.  Mom and Dad took the kids home with them (where they got spoiled so naturally they loved it).  Someone grabbed a beer from the fridge and we played with one of the boardgames that hadn’t sold, sitting on a blanket on the front lawn.  Then someone took a cooler down to the Beer Store to be filled up and a couple of the neighbours came by.  When the beer began to run short Len ran to his place across the street to raid his beer fridge, and then Jim headed home for his own tipple – rye and ginger.  Someone else grabbed a bag of chips while Chris got out his guitar and we started singing.

Unplanned parties like that are always the best.  We had a few of them in our kitchen, too.  Alison and I often talk about the good times we’ve had over the past 21 years.  Our second yard sale didn’t erupt into the party our first one had, but it was a lot of fun and hugely successful!

They’re great things to focus on for the summer.  You should have one – and then tell me all about it!  I welcome great blog links in the comments!


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