You know who you are …


You’re tearing me up inside!

I know how much this means to you, I really do.  I understand every one of your reasons and arguments.  I get that it’s for you, and about you.  I especially appreciate that you’ve looked at it from almost every angle.

You’re the kind of person who deserves what you get.  You’re so good in so many ways.  I’m proud of you and always wish there were more ways to reward you just for being you.

But, no matter how much I want to say yes and believe that if this is truly what you want then you should have it, every sensible thought in my head says ‘not yet’ …

If, in answer to a couple of my arguments, you’d said something other than “I don’t care!”, I’d see it as being well-thought out, and that just maybe you were mature enough to make such a decision on your own.  ‘I don’t care’ tells me that it was something you hadn’t thought of, and are too one-track-minded about it all that you automatically refused to consider that part of the other side.

But most of all, I think my heart says ‘not yet’, too …


You are one of the dearest things to me and you totally rock my world.  I always appreciate your honesty, integrity, and thoughtfulness.  I’m so afraid of where those things will go if you do this on your own.  You see, there’s so much more to it than, “What can she do once it’s done?”  It’s way more than being mad for a couple of days or upset for a couple of weeks.  It’s about truthfulness to both me and yourself.  It’s about honour.  It’s about pride – yours – and trust.  And despite who we are, we also have an incredible friendship.  You have those things right now.  You’ve gained those in abundance.  I don’t want any of those excellent qualities to diminish.  I don’t want you to lose them in your eyes, or in mine.  They’re what make you the beautiful person you are right now …

Do you hear me?  Right now, as you are, you’re complete.  And wonderful.

I’m not saying no.  I’m saying, ‘wait’!



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