We needed some romaine lettuce today so we took the dog and drove up to Bobcaygeon to get it.  It’s about an hour’s drive away, and it’s a pretty tourist town along the Trent-Severn Waterway with a lift lock in the centre of town.

Bobcaygeon Lock - Closed

We see many of the locks during our summer drives.  The boaters are always friendly and the parks are usually impeccable.  My family used to take a houseboat through the Waterway every summer, but I’ve never had the pleasure.  I’m afraid of boats.  But each town usually has a place I love to visit every time, be it an ice-cream shop, a yarn store, a curiousity shop.  Summer drives, out for the day with the kids, the  dog or my parents, or just the two of us.  It’s what we do instead of a longer vacation in one place.

Bobcaygeon Lock - Open

Today Bobcaygeon was filled with ladies from the Red Hat Society!  It was so funny and I wish I’d brought my camera.  I’d thought about it earlier and walked out the door without it.  Every store entryway was filled with purple and red as they talked about what Irma was paying for a new purse, whose lunch was repeating on them, oh – and I do hope they found Gretel and Chris because no one had seen them since the ice-cream parlour.  These wonderful ladies were everywhere … you know how it is watching ants coming and going from a little pile of dirt in the driveway?

And the hats were something else!  Newfoundland doesn’t have as much netting.  I saw every species of silk flower known to millinery.  Some of the ladies cheated and wore only flowers in their hair.  Some were dressed to the nines – they were having tea on a fancy restaurants gated patio; others were dressed very casually – we saw them in the pub’s courtyard.  I’m not sure I’ll ever be a Red Hat Lady, but I’m glad some people are!

Everybody watches anthills, don’t they?


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